case studies

We have provided several examples of previously conducted assignments for clients. In each case study, we have outlined the challenge, the solution and the end result.

Corporate Strategy

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A 100 year old coatings and adhesives manufacturer was facing declining sales and profitability. The company had grown into highly divergent markets and away from its core business. While some business units were prosperous and defined the future of the company, others were declining, unprofitable and clearly out of sync with the direction of the business. Its expansion into China and other parts of the Asia Pacific region had not gone well. The company as a whole had lost its focus and direction. Shareholders were becoming increasingly unhappy with its financial performance.

Orr & Boss assisted in developing a renewed vision and a revised corporate strategy that focused on profitable and high growth segments were developed. Divestitures of non-performing business units were made. Key acquisitions also took place. Business processes were reengineered and significant organizational improvements were made. A highly unprofitable channel of distribution was exited. Joint venture alliances and licensing agreements were successfully developed. Key replacements on the management team were made.


  • The company that emerged from the strategic realignment was a more streamlined and efficient organization with a much clearer vision and strategic direction.
  • The new focused and directed company had a greater level of customer intimacy and improved customer satisfaction.
  • By honing the company's strategic message and focusing the business around the company's core, record top-line growth, profitability and shareholder return were achieved.