case studies

We have provided several examples of previously conducted assignments for clients. In each case study, we have outlined the challenge, the solution and the end result.

ERP Implementation - SAP

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A Fortune 1000 company was planning an implementation effort for SAP - across the three continents in which it operated. The company had grown over the years through a series of international acquisitions (in China, India and Eastern Europe) and had a wide variety of legacy systems and business processes. Process compatibility, historical data archival and system transition were areas of major concern.

Prior to the transition, the company's business processes were restructured to assure compatibility with SAP and to gain greater efficiency and customer satisfaction. Orr & Boss also provided analyses, direction, and training to minimize transition disruption and to smooth integration.


  • Pre-planning allowed the company to implement the ERP system with minimal customization. (Customization often dramatically increases implementation costs, complexity and time.)
  • Careful pre-planning assured that the company's legacy data was compatible with ERP.
  • These two factors, minimal customization and legacy data retention, were critical in allowing the company to implement ERP on schedule, within budget and without undo disruption to the business.