case studies

We have provided several examples of previously conducted assignments for clients. In each case study, we have outlined the challenge, the solution and the end result.

Growth Opportunity Assessment - Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics

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One of the largest specialty chemicals companies in the world retained Orr & Boss to evaluate growth opportunities in the European pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries. Historically, this Company had not participated much in these market segments and had lost money in them. Orr & Boss was retained to take a "fresh" look at the business opportunities within these industries and recommend a successful path forward.


A two-phase approach was used to complete the assignment:

  • Phase I focused on gathering data about several segments within the two industries (pharmaceuticals and cosmetics) for these specialty coatings; establishing the important market parameters for each segment such as size, players, trends, and any special market situations; and identifying three niche segments.
  • Phase II was a more detailed analysis, with the sole focus being on the key segments/applications identified in Phase I. Orr & Boss developed end users characteristics for each segment. The decision-making process was dissected within each segment of interest including inside and outside influencers, purchasing cycles, specification requirements, etc.


  • Resulted in a market entry strategy and marketing plan.
  • The company successfully entered the targeted market segments.
  • Revenue and profit goals for new business venture were achieved.