case studies

We have provided several examples of previously conducted assignments for clients. In each case study, we have outlined the challenge, the solution and the end result.

Lean Manufacturing

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Production costs for a mid-sized specialty products manufacturer were well above industry norms and significantly above best-in-class producers. The competitive environment was becoming increasingly worrisome for the company, especially in light of the influx of less expensive Asian imports. Productivity at the company's facilities was low and despite very competitive labor rates, unit costs were high.

A comprehensive analysis of all facilities revealed poor production layout, inefficient business processes, inadequate equipment, and improper equipment utilization. Using Six Sigma, TQM and Lean Manufacturing techniques, Orr & Boss assisted the client in making major quality and efficiency improvements to manufacturing plants. A combination of physical redesign of process lanes, production redistribution, reengineering of critical processes and minimal amounts of capital investment were employed to maximize efficiencies and utilization.


  • The changes to the plant layout and processes resulted in a 50% reduction in production cycle time.
  • The improved efficiencies allowed the company to maintain its current level of production with a smaller workforce, resulting in a 15% reduction in production costs on a unit basis.
  • The bottom line impact was a doubling of Net Profit on an annualized basis.