key contacts

Our directors, partners and key senior consultants are listed below. In addition, we have a deep bench of international associates and subcontractors that contribute greatly to our successful client engagements.

International Presence


At Orr & Boss, our international consultants work together as a cohesive team to serve the requirements of our clients--wherever they need us most. Whether that need be in Detroit, London, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo or Shanghai, Orr & Boss is prepared to help.

Region / Responsibility: Contact: Email:
North America    
Fairfax, Virginia Charles Bangert, MBA
Detroit, Michigan Kevin Reid, MS
Knoxville, Tennessee Scott Detiveaux, MBA
Toronto, Canada Douglas Bohn, MS, MBA
Latin America    
Sao Paulo, Brazil Luiz Custodio
Buenos Aires, Argentina Daniel Roth, MS
London, England Joanne Janzen
Lille, France Jean-Claude Lecat, MS, MBA
Amsterdam, Netherlands Drs. Marten van der Meer
Zug, Switzerland
Shanghai, China Xilin Li, MS, MBA
Client Development Charles Bangert, MBA
Chairman Michael Policella
Director Charles Rooney, Ph.D.
CFO/Director Joanne Janzen
Contracts Administrator Ann Jividen
Office Manager Nicole Phillips, BS
Special Projects Coordinator Lynn Rausch, BA